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Dlspa'ttfies from the Chaco front declared today, - '"""Stispected of having communicated news of the President"! Her Bams waa not given. Sealed proposals for the construction of a water supply system for the City of McEwen. H hv th ntv nt Mr. Engineers, Independent Lire Bldg. Xteposlt will be returned to all unsuccessful contractors submitting a bona fide bid on return of plana and specifications in good condl tion.

DepoMt of successful bidder Will ba retained to cover cost of printing. Sub-contractors and other Interested parties will be furnished plana and specifications at cost. Each proposal shall be accom panled by a proposal bond In the amount of ten 10 per cent of bid, issued by an approved bonding company authorized to do business In the State of Tennessee. Faid proposal ponds will be returned to unsuccessful bidders fourteen days after opening of bids and to successful bidder when. Wages All employees directly employed on this work shall be paid just and reasonable wages which shall be compensation suffi eient to provide, for the hours of labor as limited, a standard of Hv log in decency and comfort.

Such wages shall In no event be leas than the minimum hourly wage ratea for skilled and unskilled labor pre scribed by the Administrator for tha cone or zones in which the work is to be done, vis. The City of McEwen reserves the right to reject any or all bids, to waive Informalities In the bids received and to accept any bid or bids which it deems favorable to Its Interests and awards are subject to tha approval of the Federal TCmersencv Administration of Pub- lk!

AH bidders must have complied with all requirements of Chapter No. In this state shall be required to submit evidence that he Is qualified to engage In general contracting and shall be d as hereinafter provided; and from ninety 90 days after the passage of this act, it shall be unlawful for any person, firm or corporation to engage In or offer to engage In general contracting In this state, unless such person, firm or corporation has been duly d under the provisions of this act, aa hereinafter provided.

Attest: M. Third rrtaa. Tie Mrs. Ti A Jeka i aa. Va re S4 Jaqali-4 te anjlklaf. A'a shortstop, played Independent baseball In Mississippi last seaaon. Both men have been working out with the club for aeveral days and will accompany the A's west tomorrow, Madjeskl was said to bave failed to develop aa a receiver as well as had been expected. On top ot tma, he is still bothered b- a sore arm which began troubllngTiIrii In camp i lnit aprlng. Mears Has Six Birds. Mears carded six birdies In the 34 holes yesterday. An out-of-bounds on the fifth In the afternoon, three putts on the first, tee shots which were short of the second and tenth greens and a short approach on the eighth were the only mistakes he made in the closing round.

Woman wants nsa McEwen Tennessee

Arnold partly, offset these with birds on tha 15th and ISth. Ackerbloom who qualified at Dallas last May. A nasty six on the ninth spoiled an otherwise beautiful card. For Acker-bloom had birds on the fourth. He had three birdies In the morning, canning a deuce on the sixth, a trey on the 15th and a four on the home hole.

Erratic putting ruined the hopes of Ewlng Pomeroy who wws troubles with a bad ankle. He four-putted tha ninth in the morning and had three three-putt greens. A bad five on the 10th in the afternooa where he was in two traps, spoiled the greatest back nine of anyone of the 19 players- For he had birds on the 14th. Jimmy Tupper can trace his failure to make the grade to tour 's on the homeward Journey.

For he had t's on the 11th and 18th in the morning and on the 12th and 14th in the afternoon. Tupper and Red Gann were the only ones to card 35 s on the front side during the day. The scores were much better than a year ago when the sectional trials were held at BeUe Meade for the first time.

The winning score of Mears was nine strokes under the low. There were ten who had or better yesterday, while only two were that low last May. Ooaa i 1. Drmpwy Waarr. Panla piayfd ma run 34 hulae but did not turn ir incir acoro cards. Glenn Chapman Released ST.

The answer on word to each line. Forty-eight House members, two Senators and two governors looked anxiously today toward Pennsyl vanla and New Jersey polls. Guffey, the Roosevelt state leader, tussling Ro land S. Morris, a former ambassa dor to Japan, for the Democratic, nomination to oppose the winner of the Reed - Pinchot contestIn t he November balloting. Plnchot ha indorsed President Roosevelt's poll- cies, In New Jersey there was less un certainty about the outcome of the Senatorial racefSenator Kean waa opposed for the Republican noml nation by former Assemblyman James Blauvelt, and seemed likely to be renominated.

Buss Arlett was grabbing everywhere but where the baseball was. So Sammy Dueker finally got home. For he bad put the ty lng and the winning runs on the satchels ana the tying tally baa scored. Bill Rodda knocked him out again with a looping fly to left and Phil Weintraub came gallop ing home. Well, most all the boys and girls started to go home themselves. But Steamboat Johnson had a no tion that the Vols had not yet won. Maybe he likes the crash of bats and likes to see pitchers come and go.

Anyhow, it took a heap of high' powered salesmanship on the part of Charley Dressen to sell Steam boat Johnson on the Idea that the Vols had won. I and a. The Barons almost won the en gagement with two powerful pokes over the rightfleld barrier by Art Wels and Buzzer Arlett.

The Wels whack washed in two of bis com radea while Mr. Arlett hammering hia second fourbagger in two days, did a solo flight tutting cumber somely from base to base.

Woman wants nsa McEwen Tennessee

Those two smashes came while Hal Stafford was heaving the baseball. Hal Stafford departed In the sixth when Charley Dressen's strategy turned to clabber. The Vol skipper tried a hit and run play which turned into an Infield fly. Cuccinello plunged into a ghastly double play. Sharkey Elland hurled the seventh and eighth and was nick ed for a counter. Jack Is Lucky- So It came about that Jack Brillheart who pitched only one frame against the pesky Barona obtained credit for hia sixth win of the campaign.

The wrangle with the arbiters arose because there waa no unity of opinion as to whether a run obtained by Phil Weintraub in the seventh was legal or void. Weintraub loped home after the catch beating Ar- lett's peg to Rhoderick Dhu Whit ney. Meanwhile for some mysterious reason Hank Lelber wandered off first and was. But the run had scored before all thla took place.

The third out was not made on a force plsy. Swatting Sammy Dueker led the attack on Pop Griffin. The St Looey boy blasted four singles and lined one of Pop Griffin's slow balls straight to Herbert Rushing subbing at third for Harry Strohm That slow ball was right annoying to the Vols but they finally overpowered the Barons with II safeties. Nary a homer was compiled by the Vola although Sammy Dueker.

Hank Lelber and Dutch PratI -sr blasted singles off the screen. Their drives did not have the loft on the Wels and Arlett wallops. That was the main difference. Lance Rlchbourg made another dasxling catch In the eighth to lob Rod Whitney. That catch may have saved the decision. For Herbert Rushing via a double and Tom Kane were aboard the satchels. Sammy Dueker not only plastered the apple violently but he rtart-ed a double play in the ninth which was extremely beneficial to Ja-k Brillheart. Neither club waa able to take infield practice because the grounds were so soggy sfter the early Monday morning thunderstorm.

After the first frame when he waa clubbed by Art Wels for a rour-bagger Hal Stafford hurled a magnificent game. Score: Kl Dorado He entered the hospital a few days ago following a match with Jack Smith of Chicago. The convention machinery was set and oiled to give its indorsement to Major Shofner, the state executive chairman, and a right-hand of the Taylor regime In Tennessee. MeCall Stand As Enigma.

Woman wants nsa McEwen Tennessee

Clements, still stood aa tha enigma today of the alms and plans of the Republicans to enter into the November campaign with bands unstained, and sentiment undivided in support of a party candidate able to take advantage ot tha necessary and' ever-widening spllt-within the Democratic ranksr- MoCall lost overwhelmingl 21 Id I, in fact, before thestate com-miU.

Memphis, rejfuslng to accept the" "compromise" that haa settled the fight at one time and another in the year-old G. Tomorrow McCall will carry hia contest first before the credential committee of th state convention and then to the floor ot the convention Itself It the occasion demands.

Threatens Contest. McCall is not a candidate for the gubernatorial nomination before the convention, but has openly threatened to carry the Issue to the Republicans of Tennessee aa a candidate should the convention fall to settle definitely the McCall-Church fight.

Whether a fairly close vote will cause the submission of his candidacy to the Republican voters as he did In to soundly defeat Hal Clements in the primary, McCall hasn't himself decided. The state executive committee's vote on the McCall contest largely a "lily white" and "black and tan" battle in Memphis will influence him to forego the campaign or whether the possibility of a fairly close vote on the floor of the convention will spur him to renewed efforts for the gubernatorial nomination apparently had the G.

Wants Unopposed Candidacy Former Gov. Ben W. Hooper of Newport, who will be elected temporary chairman and convention keynoter, wants the Indorsement of the convention, and thereby an unopposed candidacy, for the U. Senate nomination to oppose Senator K. Will H. Clarke wanta t ie party Indorsement forthe governshlp. Clarke does not want the noml nation If he haa to enter a spirited primary in - which his own party ranks might be split, With the evacuation of the plana to Indorse the gubernatorial can didate, there is coming another dis appointing set-back to the party plans namely the indorsement of "bone-dry" plank In the patty platform deed originally to at tract whole-heartedly th mors rabid and organized "drys" for the November elections dependent upon Governor McAlister s renominstion Ex-Governor Hooper ruled large ly over the sub-committee draft lng th tentative platform, and his hone-dry tendencies will dominate there and In the platform commit tee he will name as temporary chairman ot the convention But there was a definite move ment afoot today to either in fluence the committee's change-of heart, or carry the battle to the floor of th convention against I definite commitment In th wet dry fight in view of Mr.

Woman wants nsa McEwen Tennessee

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