Warrior 350 review

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Im thinking about buying a 4 wheeler and can't decide between blaster or a warrior. The Warrior is a good first quad since it is air cooled, has e start and reverse, decent power and is large enough for an adult. The engine is bullet proof and the rest of the quad is very reliable.

Since it is an older de, they are selling cheap too. You can own one for a year and almost sell it for what you bought it for. I have an 87 warrior that has been rode hard for 20 years and it is still going strong. It's had a new clutch and rings but that's it. It's a great starter quad and now that I'm the dad watching the kids ride it's great for my 12 yr old son.

I've also had a blaster and it's a great 2 stroke but it doesn't have the tq for riding tight trails with random hills thrown in. If you live where you're riding pastures or desert the blaster is great too. I'm 13 and ride a blaster. I'm small for my age a little below 5' and love it. I have rode a warrior and i like it but its not as fast and its heavier but also more stable.

A Warrior is a great quad if you can find a clean one. I never had one but a friend of mine had one when we were growing up and I loved that thing. Heavy and under powered.

Warrior 350 review

Stock, even though I am not sure on the aftermarket for them. I am comparing a Warrior to my and Blasters. My 99 has some good mods to it, and it picks up and GOES. I love the two stroke power. BTW, I am 5' 7'' coming in at about pounds.

Warrior 350 review

I love my blasters. The warrios are not bad for just trail riding, but otherwise are slugs. My first quad was a brand new blaster back in the day when i was 14 i was like 5 ft 5 and like pounds and i broke my femur on it and my collar bone. I think a warrior would be better on a track for a begginer because two strokes are unpredictable and with a toomey pipe a blaster can have too much power on a tight track for a begginer but a undestructable warrior that is real stable and has consistant power all the way through would be better for a begginer i think.

You might not have the fastest lap times but you wont wreck as much. No bigger than you are a ex would be the best place to start. When I was 13 it was either that or a Warrior, Mojave, or Quport. The latter 2 were junk. Other than, you had the 2-strokes. You are actually legal to race a Blaster and ex at At 16 you can get a and you could probably sell the or possibly be buried with the Blaster.

I sold my last 2-stroke 3 years ago and really took beating. Now that they are absolutely out of demand you probably couldn't give it away. One of my old friends bought a new Warrior right before they changed to a Raptor. I had my Banshee and he decided he wanted to race MX. I took him to a local track and tried to show him a thing or two. I ended up riding the Warrior more than he did. I hadn't ridden one in years and that one was mine and worn out.

The thing would really get it. It didn't feel any heavier than my Banshee. The power wasn't there ofcorse but I got it to air out a few times. He got jealous and made me stop riding to because I was making him look bad. It was fun to ride though. A little more width, motor, XC tires, and better front shocks, and it would be a really fun hard-core trail runner. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Yamaha Is a Yamaha Warrior a good quad?

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Warrior 350 review Warrior 350 review

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