Sex with large ladies

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Yep, Sex. You just read that right. If you will be triggered by talk of consent or lack thereofthis post is not for you — please do not put yourself in mental danger by continuing to read this post. Perhaps check out this one about my fave Instagram babes instead? Okay, are they gone? Alright, good — now we can get on with the dirty stuff! That happens in all areas of my life — whether I am going to work, lazing around the house or getting down and dirty in the bedroom, I do not apologise for my weight, size or figure. I am who I am, and who I am is incredible.

Our bodies are nothing to be shy about. Fucking means you will both swap fluids. Yes, you will sweat — your fat body will get moist and will glisten under the right light — but so will our smaller counterparts. Your chosen partner will not be thinking about you sweating, they will be thinking about making you cum and how awesome you are in that moment. All women smell different and we all have our own aroma that is nothing to be ashamed of. Worrying about your body can take over your mind, which sometimes has an affect on your fluid production in your vagina.

If you get flavoured ones, you can even turn yourself into a tasty snack! I found it turned me on more, and in fact made for even better sex! One partner refused to let me touch her until she realised how turned on I was over her situation — communicating with your partner is key.

Which le me on to…. I now identify as Gay, however I have had male sexual partners in the past. Please skip past this bit if you will be triggered by talks of sexual aggression and unconsented sexual exposure. My best mate at the time had pulled this bloke who happened to also be my friend and his friend was sat in the club chatting away to me. Now, he was a very good looking chap — tall, dark, handsome, well built and well sought after by a few of my other female friends.

We left the club and made our way back to my friends place and my friend and her boy left upstairs to have sex. I was left on the sofa with the dude I had been talking to all night. We had both been drinking but he was ificantly more drunk than I was. He decided to try and have sex with me.

I said no. He got his dick out and asked me to suck it. He proceeded to play with himself in front of me and asked me to. I said no, stood up and left. As I was leaving, he said to me. Being a fat girl does not automatically mean that you have to sleep with the first person that gives you attention. You do not owe sex to anyone who has spent time talking to you.

You are not a commodity to be traded with. He was incorrect. Kissing a person does not equal consent. Having a nice time with someone does not equal consent. Starting to have sex with someone does not equal consent. You can withdraw consent at any time, you have the right to say no and to walk away from a situation that is making you uncomfortable and you have the right to stop.

Sex with large ladies

Just like me, you are worthy of a partner who will respect you and who will take no for an answer. If you find yourself in a situation like mine, get out of the situation if you can. If you are unable to and the unthinkable happens, report it immediately and prosecute. You are to be respected and sex should be a mutually agreed, sensual act. Being an owner of a fat body, it can be difficult to do certain sexual positions. Depending on your flexibility, weight distribution and body shape, doing certain sexual moves you might have seen in porn films or read about in Cosmo hello reverse cowgirl you could have trouble moving your body or having your partner move your body in the right way — but how are you going to know if this is the case?

Sex with large ladies

By trying them all out, thats how! I know plenty of fat women over a size 24 that have VERY graphic, exciting sex. You can have mind blowing, multiple-orgasm inducing sex in good old missionary just as well as you can have it in a suspended congress google it — its all about how well you connect with your partner and how willing you are to try different takes on a good old favourite. There is no shame with having one tried and tested move — if it works for you then it works for you!

Sex with large ladies

Just like talking about fluids and consent, talking to your partner about what sex you want to try out is key. Do whatever position it is that you need to do to get your rocks off! They can handle your weight on their face, you will not suffocate them to death, just sit on their face and have yourself an amazing time! My personal fave is a good old Or from behind. Or me on the bottom.

Chances are they just want to make you happy! Have you got any tips to share? Let me know in the comments below! I still worry about cowgirl position, as a fat woman with a tubby partner, it can be difficult! If you could just come stand in the corner and cheer me on when getting jiggy…. Plus the whole face thing. On the end I just end up looking frigid and buttoned up. I love my partner and he loves me; my size is irrelevant! Go out there and show the world you.

The unforgiving you!! Love this! So much love for this? Certainly since putting on more weight recently my confidence has taken a nose dive — you have inspired me though to put my fears to one side and dive right in!! I wish I had this when I was younger. Thank you. Lottie you look absobloodylutely gorgeous.

You are an inspiration. Amen to this!! Your blog post has just thrown all my doubts and worries out of the window!! Thank you beautiful for your wonderful words of advice! Respect from one Notts girl to another!

Sex with large ladies

And you know this. But still, it needs to be said, that you are a sexy, confident, inspiring and intelligent lady who continues to advise and support our community in the best ways. This is an amazing post. It feels so huge ha! Online dating is terrifying, to be real. Maybe I just need to stop being scared and go for it…. This is a fantastic post!

I am a lot more sexually confident now than I was when I was younger, but I admit that I feel very conscious about being on top. Posts like yours really help me with my confidence so thankyou for sharing this x. This is a struggle and a half! I drop down onto my forearms and put a couple of pillows under my knees to help angle my bum upwards, or you could switch it up and just bend over onto the bed whilst they stand behind you!

Get them to put cuffs on you and hold your arms behind you — a bit of fun! My Wife and I are having some issues with cunnilingus. I hate the thought of my awesome Woman not being able to get face anymore! Do you know of any other positions or mdifications we can do?

Sex with large ladies

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Having Sex With A Larger Lady