Making conversation with a girl

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Sam is dating coach, life coach, and style expert. His expertise has been featured on Lifehack. He lives with his Australian Shepard, Max, in beaut Read Full Bio. More about Mantelligence 's Editorial Policy. Solving how to keep a conversation going with a girl can seem tough. Coming up with that kind of conversation in the moment can be extremely difficult You like a girl that you just met or that you've known for a whileand you think she's interested in you too. But you're having trouble coming up with anything to say to her, besides overdone topics like your jobs, the weather, upcoming holidays, etc.

Now, obviously, you don't want that blandsurface-level conversation You want a conversation that takes that first step towards how to get a girlfriend. You want to know how to talk to girls, but you just can't seem to manage it. With these steps, you'll never worry again about how to keep a conversation going with a girl. Instead, you'll just be wondering how long to wait to pop the "will you be my girlfriend" question.

Check them out:. While there are plenty of articles out there that try to complicate the process of how to keep a conversation going with a girl, it is, in reality, incredible simple. How simple?

Making conversation with a girl

Just 7 steps simple. If you follow these steps, you'll be in no-stress conversation mode every time a chatting opportunity arises. Look, there's a lot of advice out there, but the best you'll get anywhere on this topic is: start well. Whatever you are going to talk about, with whomever, and for however long, start with confidence and as much charm as you've got. First impressions matter in a conversation, and if you can pull off a good beginning it's smoother sailing going forward. Once you've got your confidence boostedyou probably want to know what to say to a girl to really keep the conversation going on the boil.

If you're stressing this one, don't be. Just have a few things to talk about with a girl handy so you can transition between topics without having to come up with anything on the spot. The hard way is by improv, just coming up with it as you go. The easy way is with conversation topics.

Settle upon a few intriguing topics before you even start talking, and then drop them in to keep the conversation going.

Making conversation with a girl

Ideally, you should make these interesting to you and to herallowing her to give her opinions and letting you know more about her. Ask her how she deals with her stress if you're both going through examine season. Or find out how she feels about pets, and if she has a favorite one. Or, just find out what keeps her up at night You want to make sure that you have questions to ask a girl to get to know her. That means, questions that get to know her real personalitynot just surface information about her.

You need that personal information to learn if you have a real, strong connection. So instead of switching from one surface topic to another like 'what do you do? Do you write about topics that interest you? In short Dragging on a conversation with that girl And PS. Check here to learn the s that she does like you, and does want to keep talking to you. But there are a couple of great, easy ways to offer information about yourself while still keeping the focus on her and getting to know her :.

But offer information about yourself, and she'll want to know more, and feel comfortable opening up to you. Any girl is constantly handing you topics she wants to talk about, and if you only listen to her, you can pick up on them easily.

I need a vacation. Ask her about that. I have way too many. Ask her what she loves photographing so much. And a man who cares like that is what girls want. She tells you exactly how to keep a conversation going with her. I was insanely attracted to my boyfriend when we met, simply because he expressed all of his interesting thoughts.

Some of them were goofy, but it made me feel x more comfortable, and willing to show him my real thoughts, too. And your girl will love to continue a conversation with a guy who's free and confident enough to say whatever's on his mind. Humans are generally uncomfortable with silence, so it's incredibly natural to immediately fill silence in a conversation.

Crazy, right? Wait for her to do it women almost always will. Why in the world is silence in a conversation powerful? Two reasons:.

Making conversation with a girl

Welcome the silent moments, and make them work to your advantage. It all seems so much easier when you're trying to keep a conversation going with a random girl you aren't particularly romantically interested in. Maybe you can pull that off without too much trouble, but then when it comes to that girl you've had your eye on for a whileit all falls apart. Here's the thing though: figuring out how to talk to a girl you like is not really much different than figuring out how to keep a conversation going with a girl, any girl.

So, use the steps above as a guide, and then add these steps to help you get that little bit further. There are two ways most guys mess up a conversation with a girl they like: they come on too strong or they don't come on at all. So, go for the middle ground. Be engaged, try to be a bit flirty, but don't be too forward. You want to al that you like her and that you want to get closer, but you don't want to sound demanding or desperate. It's easy to say "keep it casual but stay engaged," but how is that even possible?

You don't need to stress so much over how to keep a conversation going with a girl you like, really. You just need to find that perfect balance by having the right things to say to a girl you like on hand. Remember: casual suggests confidenceso coming up and just asking her what she thinks about a class, a recent meeting, or some other shared experience is a great way to show her you're an easy-going guy who's easy to talk to. Throw in a joke if you have one, or use some of your conversation starters from the section above. Then, pick generously from Option 1 and Option 2 below. Girls like plenty of different kinds of guys, but one thing that will stand out and make most girls look more closely at you is the word "sweet.

Girls love sweet guys, and the best way to prove you're a sweet guy is to have sweet things to say to a girl. There's a whole world of options to go for here, and it's best to let sweet comments come naturally. For instance, you can tell her, if she's upset, that she really deserves to be treated better by her friends, or that you hate to see her hurt.

Or, tell her simply that you're really glad you've finally had a chance to talk together, and that you've been looking forward to this moment. One great sweet thing worth trying: offer up your time if she wants it. Tell her you'd be happy to help her with homework or to listen to her problems any time.

That way, you show her you're reliable, interested, and sweet all at once. Be sweet but don't be too intrusive.

Making conversation with a girl

If she doesn't want to talk about her problems, don't push it. A sweet guy knows when to back off and find a different way to show how he's feeling. Girls love compliments. Most guys don't need to be told that. It just seems insincere, because she knows she's not that amazing, and it comes off as desperate to drop compliments left and right. That's where the trouble arises. Guys know compliments for girls are a great thing to have on hand when talk to a girl they like, but some just don't know how to compliment a girl.

Here are some great, girl-approved examples:. Most women have been in countless conversations that have dragged on too long… and for most of those, they were probably pretty happy when they were over. Do you want her to think that about your conversation? Of course not, right? When we're talking about how to keep a conversation going with a girl, it's a whole or at least mostly different ballgame when it comes to text.

In person, you can see if a girl is interested in your conversation and she basically has to give you some response, but by text The truth is, though: the ways how to text a girl to get her to respond and stay interested aren't any more complicated than talking in person. Before you ever text, you face a dilemma: what is the best reason to text the girl you want to chat with? If you're lucky, she's given you her with the express impression she wants you to text, or else, you have a definite reason to text like a project you're both working on.

If not, it's time to think of a reason. There's no reason to strain about this, though. Just build off of what you have in common. Work with events she might like, news about mutual friends, or interesting topics you know she'll want to talk about. If you don't have any of that, just send a "just because" message to get things started. Once you have a reason, find a great way to engage her through a conversation starter or a text conversation starter. These can be about absolutely anything, so long as they catch her attention. You can ask her about the best book she's ever read or if she'd rather be a meatball or a slice of salami.

Whatever you think will get her thinking deeply or laughingtry that.

Making conversation with a girl

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22 Examples of How to Keep a Conversation Going With a Girl